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Privacy Policy
» About our customers
Action Travel takes your privacy seriously.
Action Travel collects personal information in order to fulfill your explicit requests for new products and services, special promotions, raffles, merchandising, etc.
Action Travel does not share / rent / sell personal information about you with other people or companies.
» About the registration
When you register, we ask you for personal data such as your name and email address. This is done with the purpose of contacting you in case we need to send important information.
In case a customer does not wish to receive promotional materials from us any longer, he may request this by sending an email to
» Contact us
Please contact us at the address for any additional questions about the management or use of personal data.
» Terms and conditions of use
The content of this website must be used exclusively as consultation material. Your use of this website and its services constitute your agreement to the terms of our privacy policy.
In case you disagree with these terms, do not consult this website nor download any of its contents.
» Customers sending information
The sender takes full responsibility for the material sent. Under any circumstances is Action Travel and/or the provider responsible for image copyright/author's right violations when customers send information.
» Information property of Action Travel
The content of this website (including but not limited to texts, information, materials, software and graphics) is property of Action Travel. It is protected by copyright / trademark laws and other international regulations concerning intellectual property. Action Travel does not assume property / titularity over names of third parties, trademarks or names of services posted on this website. They are property of each individual titular.
The content of this website cannot be copied, modified, published, downloaded or distributed in any way, without being previously authorized by Action Travel (in written form). Only one (1) copy of the content can be downloaded exclusively for personal usage. This copy cannot be modified nor used with commercial purposes or any other public use. Software cannot be modified either. Author's right notices and other similar publications concerning intellectual property cannot be erased nor transferred. Action travel reserves the right to modify, update, discontinue, restrict, or disable the access to this website and its content without previous notice.
» Negociation and limited responsibility
You assume absolute responsibility and risk for the use of this website. There is no guarantee (implicit or explicit) that its content is free of viruses or software errors. Under any circumstances is Action Travel responsible for any damage occasioned by the use of this website (indirect damage such as data loss).
» External links
This website contains links to other websites operating under URL domain names (different from the Action Travel domain name). These external links are provided only for our customers' convenience, but do not belong to Action travel, nor are they under our control. Action Travel does not guarantee/represent implicit or explicitly the contents posted on these websites. External links do not imply that Action Travel is associated / affiliated to third parties; it does not imply that Action Travel sponsors or agrees with these external contents.
» Applicable regulations and Jurisdiction
These terms and conditions of use will be interpreted according to the US laws and regulations, and they leave without effect any legal action or dispute risen from a clause or disposition not adjusting to the US laws and regulations. When you consult this website, you accept the jurisdiction of the US Supreme Court in case of any legal procedure related to these terms of use, to this website, or to your trust deposited in this website.